Teak Maintenance

Epifanes Teak-O-Clean & Bright

Cleans and restores original teak color.
Epifanes Teak-O-Clean & Bright is a water-based cleaner and brightener for teak and other tropical woods. This cleaner is fast, easy to apply and restores weathered, grey teak to its original color. Unlike many other teak cleaners it will not affect the caulking in teak decks, e.g., polysulfide, polyurethane etc. Shake at least 1 minute before use. Store frost free and away from direct sunlight.

Suitable for fresh and salt water. For prolonged protection from weathering allow to fully dry and treat the surface with Epifanes Teak-O-Bello.

Container Size: 500 ml


Thinner: Do not thin

Recotablility: After fully dry

Coverage: 500 ml is suffi cient for 40 sq. ft./4 m² depending on surface.