Epoxy Primer


Epifanes Epoxy Primer

An anti-corrosive primer based on an epoxy resin and zinc phosphate as the anti-rust agent.
High build, high fi lling capacity and easy sanding. For use as a fi lling primer in a two-component paint system on plywood and fiberglass and as an anti-corrosion primer in a two-component paint system on steel and aluminum. For optimum adhesion always thin fi rst coat on bare plywood and metal by 20-25% and apply by stiff brush.

Fiberglass - steel - wood - aluminum: Bonding and filling primer for interior and exterior use above and below the waterline. Also for maintenance of existing epoxy systems. Recoatable with Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating, Poly-urethane Primer, Interimcoat and Epoxy Filler.

Container Size: 750 ml - 2000 ml - 4000 ml

Coverage: 750 ml is suffi cient for 100 sq. ft./10 m² @ 1.5 mil dry film thickness


Thinner: Brush and spray - Epifanes Epoxythinner D-601

Recoatability: After 12 hours at 65°F./18°C.
Within 5 days without sanding.

Color: White