Poly-urethane Primer

PU Primer

Epifanes Poly-urethane Primer

A hard two-part semi-gloss poly-urethane undercoat. Provides an extremely smooth,
pinhole-free surface prior to topcoating with any Epifanes high gloss poly-urethane. Good flowing properties, very quick drying, medium filling and easy sanding. Mixing ratio by weight: 4 parts base component A with 1 part curing agent B. (4 :1). Stir well and allow to activate for 15 minutes before use (at 70°F./20°C.).

Suitable as filling undercoat for interior and
exterior on bare fiberglass, on existing polyurethane based finishes or on epoxy based systems above the waterline for fresh and salt water.

Container Size: 750 gr - 3 kg

Coverage: 750 gr is sufficient for 95 sq. ft./9 m² @ 2 mil dry film thickness


Thinner: Brush - Epifanes Poly-urethane Brushthinner
Spray - Epifanes Poly-urethane Spraythinner

Recoatability: After 6 and max. 72 hours at 65°F./18°C.
Sandable after 24 hours at 65°F./18°C.

Color: White - grey