Epifanes Multiforte

A one-component, semi-gloss topcoat based on a special combination of medium oil alkyd/urethane resin reinforced with acrylic copolymer. Provides rapid drying and excellent adhesion. Recommended for use on steel surfaces where a highly abrasion resistant top coat is required, such as decks, deck-houses, gangways and derricks. For new work on bare steel in conjunction with anticorrosive primers such as Epifanes Multi Marine Primer or Epifanes Metalprimer and maintenance of existing, intact one-component paint systems.

Fiberglass - steel - wood - aluminum: For new work above the waterline in conjunction with appropriate primer (e.g., Epifanes Multi Marine Primer). Maintenance of existing, intact one-component paint systems.

Container Size: 4000 ml


Application: Brush- Epifanes Brushthinner for Paint & Varnish. Spray- Epifanes Spraythinner for Paint & Varnish

Recotablility: After 6 hours at 65°F./18°C.

Coverage: 4000 ml is suffi cient for 400 sq. ft. /40 m² @ 1.5 mil dry film thickness

Color: White - Black - Light Grey - Medium Grey - Dark Grey - Blue - Red/Brown