Poly-urethane Yacht Coating

Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating (2-comp.)

A high gloss, two-component, polyester saturated, aliphatic urethane coating. Scratch resistant, excellent outdoor durability and weather resistance. Finish provides perfect flow and easy application by brush, roller or spray.

Fiberglass - steel - wood - aluminum: suitable for interior and exterior use above the waterline in conjunction with the appropriate primer or directly on well degreased and sanded fiberglass.
Maintenance of existing two-component systems regardless of brand.

Container Size
7750 gr (A + B)


Application: Brush, Roll or Spray

Recotablility: After 24 hours at 65°F./18°C. Within 48 hours
without sanding.

Coverage: 750 ml is sufficient for 120 sq. ft. /11 m² @ 1.5 mil dry film thickness

Mixing Ratio: By weight: 2 parts comp. A + 1 part comp. B (2 : 1 )

Color: 46 standard colors according to color fan. Custom colors on request.